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China is a market to look out as .cn domains are on the increase!

There has been a lot of development in Asian markets over the past few years.  Everyone has been investing there, and with the recent 2008 Olypics it seems China is the most exciting place to be.  Have a look at this recent finding and think about this from a translators prospective: Will .cn be the […]

Top Five Cities in the World

Many programmes are broadcasted questioning the top five (or top ten) cities in the world every year, however, i´m sure these are biased opinions to promote tourism.  Post what you condisider are your top five cities (if you can with reasons).  If you want to choose just one Country and give a top five, better […]

Language Training: Accent perfection

As SETranslations offers English courses to Professionals and the Public Education Sector throughout Spain our students regularly ask about travelling abroad to perfect their accent and language skills. As we have heard different experiences from various students (good and bad), we would like to ask of any recommendations.