New breed of instant online translators

Gone are the days where you had to type or paste a text and then press the “Translate” box.  Now it seems there is a new breed of instant translators, that is as you type it translates.  From the very first letter these new applications are guessing the word you need translating.  Have a look at this example and have a go!

2 Responses to “New breed of instant online translators”

  1. I think nowadays everyone thinks they can be professional translators just for the fact that they know two languages. As a consequence of their poor quality translations the rest of translators have to suffer the consequences by having to offer extremely competitive prices, delivery before anyone else, proofread the document, etc to beat competence. Also clients are doubting more everyday the veracity of online translation services and they demand to receive the job before they pay.

  2. Yes, you are right, I agree with Annuska. People should try to find a job that match their studies and not try to steal professional jobs that they can not do just by offering really low prices and ruining this industry for real professional translators.

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