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Primer empleo de intérprete/traductor jurado

El número de traductores e intérpretes jurados en España se incrementa cada año, debido a la posibilidad ofrecida por las universidades de conseguir el título de intérprete jurado tras estudiar unos créditos extra, unido con la posibilidad, también anual, de obtener tal título a través de los exámenes convocados por el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores […]

New breed of instant online translators

Gone are the days where you had to type or paste a text and then press the “Translate” box.  Now it seems there is a new breed of instant translators, that is as you type it translates.  From the very first letter these new applications are guessing the word you need translating.  Have a look […]

Thanks to our translators and bloggers

We have all been working hard getting those translations done and from time to time getting back to the SETranslations blogging community to help other translators deal with current problems, questions and issues.  Not only have we enjoyed all your responses but we have also enjoyed working with a few of you, in fact welcoming […]

Top Five Cities in the World

Many programmes are broadcasted questioning the top five (or top ten) cities in the world every year, however, i´m sure these are biased opinions to promote tourism.  Post what you condisider are your top five cities (if you can with reasons).  If you want to choose just one Country and give a top five, better […]