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Las traducciones muy económicas no siempre son de calidad

A través de estas líneas se pretende poner al descubierto el hecho de que una traducción demasiado económica no siempre trae consigo los resultados deseados por el cliente, sobre todo en cuanto a la calidad que nuestros documentos se merecen. Hoy en día, es muy fácil encontrar casi todo lo que necesitamos a golpe de […]

New breed of instant online translators

Gone are the days where you had to type or paste a text and then press the “Translate” box.  Now it seems there is a new breed of instant translators, that is as you type it translates.  From the very first letter these new applications are guessing the word you need translating.  Have a look […]

French to English Translators needed!

Due to increasing demand we are looking to recruit new talented French to English translators.  Translators will be required to be able to translate 3,000 words a day into their mother tongue language, in this case English.  If you are fast to respond to emails and take pride in your translation work, get in touch! […]

Traductor jurado falso

La noticia de la agencia de traducción con traductores jurados falsos nos ha dejado con la boca abierta. El caso es que es extraño cómo las autoridades han tardado tanto tiempo en darse cuenta. Si no hubiera sido por una denuncia ¿nunca se hubiera destapado este negocio fraudulento? Esperamos que esta noticia no afecte la […]

Thanks to our translators and bloggers

We have all been working hard getting those translations done and from time to time getting back to the SETranslations blogging community to help other translators deal with current problems, questions and issues.  Not only have we enjoyed all your responses but we have also enjoyed working with a few of you, in fact welcoming […]

The translation service seesaw

As we are all experiencing the recession, some more than others, the language industry is showing that when there is little work in one area of specialization there is more in others. Take it from this point of view when businesses are growing into new markets they need localization, be it translation of documents, websites, […]

Is being a translator a good job?

Both working in house and/or as a freelance come with there positive and negative job aspects. This post comes as recent search engine queries show “Is a translator a good job?” a frequent ask!  This must mean either translators are doubting their careers or newbies feeling a little unsure in the present climate to enter […]

Latest Translation Blooper – A Russian Translation

Today Secretary of State Hilary Clinton presented to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of Russia a gift to reset the nations past difficulties.  Instead of the intentional word “reset” (”perezagruzka”) the gift was labelled in bold  “peregruzka,” which means “overcharged”. Oooops! This just proves the importance of professional translations, especially when dealing with delicate international matters.  […]

The ultimate translator kit for professional translators

What dictionaries, CAT tools, laptops, phones etc What would you recommend as part of your essential translator kit?!

Preparación examen intérprete jurado

Alguien que se quiere preparar para intérprete jurado me ha preguntado: Hola, me gustaría preguntar si alguien se ha preparado el examen de intérprete jurado por sí mismo, es decir, sin tener que pagar por hacer cursos a distancia o presenciales? ¿Es posible preparase sólos? ¿Alguna sugerencia? Gracias por adelantado.