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Empleos de traductor jurado de portugués y traductor jurado de alemán

Por ampliación de plantilla se necesitan traductores jurados de portugués y alemán con buena disponibilidad, rápida conexión a internet y capacidad de respuesta inmediata. Trabajamos en el campo de la traducción jurada a diario. Requerimos flexibilidad y seriedad. Si estás buscando trabajo como traductor jurado de portugués y traductor jurado de alemán, eres joven, dinámico […]

Is being a translator a good job?

Both working in house and/or as a freelance come with there positive and negative job aspects. This post comes as recent search engine queries show “Is a translator a good job?” a frequent ask!  This must mean either translators are doubting their careers or newbies feeling a little unsure in the present climate to enter […]

Does international recession mean less work for translators?

As the World has officially entered a global recession, will this or has this already affected the translator community out there?  Are there less businesses needing translation services as a consequence? Are business worried to spend their budget on Foreign speaking Markets? As a community of translators, each story and experience is welcome.

When words get too much! Where do translators go…

Even the most knowledgeable translators get stuck on certain words during the translation process. The word(s) can linger in the mind and bring the translation to a halt which can be disastrous. So where can translators go to get help to find out these troublesome words? A dictionary, a certain blog, a forum?Each translator has […]

How to become a certified Translator?

A common question I am asked by future translators.  This one coming from Sarah: Does anyone know the process in becoming a certified Translator in the UK? Is there such thing? If so, advice would be greatly appreciated.