Localizing your business

Your business has grown steadily and you are now ready to expand. Have you considered going expanding into other countries? There is an extremely large potential customer base in the world; in fact, less than 25% of the world speaks English. Do you hesitate because of difference in languages and you don’t know how to go about marketing in another language? It is time to consider translation services. The agencies (sometimes individuals) who offer translation services are professional people who know how to help you by translating your marketing materials into a targeted language. According to government reports, U.S. companies lose billions of dollars each year because of incorrect and inept language translation. Professional translation services are one method to use to help overcome these problems. These agencies are a tremendous help in shaping the image of your product or service. These services can become very lucrative for you as they have for other businesses.

You must first decide what country or countries you wish to expand into and what your targeted customer base is to be. Once these decisions have been made you need to communicate effectively in the language of that country. Now you are ready to begin your search for the appropriate translation services to help you. Finding a translation service is relatively easy with our present methods of communication. You can go on the Internet and find thousands. The problem you face is finding one that is reliable can be difficult at times.

It is best to sit down and discuss your marketing needs in person rather than doing everything by phone or e-mail. For that reason, it is best to get the translation services that are located in the country where you live. The language of the translator should be the targeted language into which you wish to translate. This person may not be the one with whom you initially talk but it is essential that the translator be translating into his or her natural language. This assures that the translator is aware of latest trends and changes in the targeted language.

Communication is the real key to providing translation into the targeted language. You must make sure the translator understands exactly what your product or service is. After the translator gets a real understanding, his or her job becomes much easier and you will be much more satisfied with the service provided. Do not hesitate to ask questions to make sure the translator understands because this is truly the key to get the best quality translation possible.

Always check with other customers of the translator. This will assure you of the quality of service you will be getting.

You must work closely with the translation services you selected. This will help ensure the quality of service you get. Always allow plenty of time for your finished marketing materials because this will help you get a superior product.


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