The myths and misconceptions of Translation service companies

Many people approach translation in a very light manner and think it is no big deal. This may be the situation if you are translating personal correspondence or a brief email but translating business documents of anything to be printed can be very serious. Translating documents is far from being easy, quick, and straightforward.

Translation needs to be approached in a serious and sensible manner in order to get the quality of document that will be effective. Before beginning a translation project, you need to look at some common misconceptions that people have to determine if you have the same attitudes.

Anyone who knows a foreign language can be a translator.This is perhaps the number one misconception about translation. Being able to read, write and speak a foreign language does not make one a translator. A translator must have a thorough in-depth understanding of two languages—a mother language and a foreign language. Translating is a skill that requires the translator to write well and understand how to do this in perfect grammar. The translator must also understand the culture behind the language being translated. If this is not the case then an accurate translation is almost impossible.

  • Translation is easy. This is another common misconception. Translation is not easy and can be very complex. The person doing the translation will tell you it is very intricate and sometimes painstaking. The translator must have a very sharp mind and eye and be detail oriented. The process is usually very tiring because of constantly moving between two languages. The translator must have the ability to read the source document and understand it fully then write it accurately in the target language. The translator needs to have good analytical skills as well good writing skills
  • Computers can do translating. Another misconception. It is true that software is available to translate but a machine will never be able to do an accurate translation with quality that is needed in business documents. This is true because computers do not understand what language is and how human beings use it.
  • Having a professional translation is not crucial. This statement may not be a misconception but it is misleading. It is true that a professional translator may not always be necessary. It really depends on what you are having translated. A book for your personal enjoyment, correspondence of a personal nature or perhaps an email may not require a professional translator. If the documents deal with legal matters, business contracts or technical information that needs to be accurate and portrayed in a professional manner then it is best to have and experienced, trained translator.

Do these misconceptions ring a bell with you? If you really want an accurate professional translation to help your business and want to avoid legal problems, then make sure, only a professional and reputable translator does your translation. These individuals are found working for a translation services agency.


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