The purpose of translation services

Translation services providers are not just translating documents. They provide a complete service to make your written documents in the targeted language understandable in a manner that is acceptable in the culture where it is being introduced. One of the major aspects of translation services is bringing different cultures together and helping each to understand the other. Today’s world is shrinking more and more. Communication has developed to where we have instant contact anywhere in the world. Along with this globalization has come a higher demand for higher quality and more sophisticated translation services.

Educational materials and literature of any country now has the possibility of being translated into any language and distributed anywhere in the world. This is difficult because it is not always possible to maintain the rhyme and rhythm in a different language. For translators to remain true and maintain the integrity of the text some leeway of style is permissible but the object is to maintain the “feel” of the original text.

The role of translation services is most commonly associated with the business world. The vast majority of documents to be translated include contracts, business correspondence, marketing and sales promotional materials, reports, product catalogs, and user manuals. Large financial institutions through mergers and takeovers have become world wide in operation and must maintain relationships in other countries whether they are merged there or not. This has created the demand for translation services for documents – financial reports, bank notes, loan papers, and insurance products. When a merger takes place, there is the need for documents to be translated to support the merger as well as marketing materials to inform stockholders and employees.

Legal documents of necessity have to be translated into other languages and these documents contain materials that are sensitive in nature and must be very precise and accurate. Translators who translate these documents must be skilled, not only in two languages but must also have an understanding of the legal systems in both countries. Documents pertaining to birth, death, marriage, and divorce need to be translated in an extremely precise manner by the translators. Translation providers must guarantee that documents like these are kept confidential. These types of documents as well as research information and technical documents call for an extremely precise translation where accuracy is more important than style.

Translation service providers face other challenges. The provider must have available a number of translators in several languages. Many times a business wants the materials translated into multi-languages. Sometimes this requires cooperation and coordination of teams of translators who are involved with the project. Communication is a key element in this kind of environment to ensure the integration of the completed project. The challenge involves is how to merge all the translated materials into a meaningful document that remains consistent in terminology. All translators involved must be on the same page. In this scenario, the translation service provider must have editors and proofreaders available. These individuals must possess translation skills similar to the translators if not superior to ensure the credibility, accuracy, and quality of the finished documents.


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