What to look for when choosing a translation services provider

Translating your business’ technical, legal or marketing material into foreign languages is extremely important for your success in the targeted country. Because of this, you need to identify an experienced translation services provider and this can be a real pain. Professional translators must produce documents that accurately present the message and style of the original documents they are given to translate. The documents need to be grammatically correct and be fluent in the targeted language. For this reason, the translator should translate into their native language.

An obvious barrier to conducting business or communicating information is language. Having printed material in hand, that is professionally done and written in a person’s native language is a door opener. For this reason, they will be much more apt to read the material or buy the product. This is the reason you need translation services.

Many do not get the service and fail to participate in the global market place because they are afraid of the expense. It does cost but you will see the cost of the service offset by an increase in use of your service or the sales of your product. Most translation services preparers charge by the word. You can reduce the cost somewhat by preparing your copy as concisely as possible to say what you need to say. Eliminate entirely all-unnecessary words.

It is usually cheaper to use a free-lance translator instead of an agency. However, you must remember that the agencies have a lot other benefits to offer in addition to the translating. The thing you need to remember is whenever you decide to use a translating service make sure you get a provider who is experienced with a good reputation and do not be afraid to check references.

You know all the reasons you need to translate your documents into the language of the targeted country and you have spent time and effort in preparing your source documents. Where do you start looking for translation service providers who will produce a quality translation for you?

The first place to look is in the yellow pages or on the Internet. You could also inquire about the services from business associates or friends. The Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce in your community is other resources to check. These organizations could possible give you information about the quality of service of those identified and let you know of any complaints about the services provided.

In searching on the Internet, you will find websites offering free machine translations. These will provide you with a translation quickly but it is not usually very accurate. Most of the users of free translation services report that it is accurate about 75% of the time. This means that one word in four is inaccurate. This is not what you want to represent your business.

Do your homework well in researching to find the best translation service for your business. Once you select the provider present them with your very carefully prepared materials to be translated. Your research and careful preparation will go a long way in guaranteeing that you will have an extremely rewarding experience.


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