The correct translation service company

You have decided that you need to have a document translated by a translation service provider. How do you go about finding the right service provider for you? First, you need to decide whether you want an individual or an agency. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. If you go with an individual, you will only have one person to deal with. There is no mistaking who is responsible for providing the translation service. You will also know who has to answer to you and with whom you will have to deal with, if there are problems. If you are looking for a translation into more than one language, you might have difficulty in finding an individual with those capabilities.

If you go with an agency, you may have to deal with a receptionist or secretary and have difficulty making contact with the individual in charge. The advantage of using an agency is that you have the possibility of multiple languages if desired. There is also the opportunity with an agency of having more than one person working on your project. This would give the advantage of having a team discuss your project and could get a better translation because of input from other staff members.

In addition to the above, you need to consider the material you need translated. Is it technical and geared for engineers? Is it something in the health or medical field and intended for doctors or other medical professionals? Is it legal and to be used by attorneys or paralegals? Is it financial information and appropriate for bankers, brokers, or financial counselors? Some translations, especially legal, require a certified counselor and this would eliminate some individual service providers as well as some agencies.

What language or languages do you want to translate you document into? Again, this would assist you in making your decision. Some translation service providers only provide the service in one or two languages. You need to check to see which providers provide the service in the language you want to use.

The intended audience is another key factor in selecting the right translation service for your project. Translating a public relations document or marketing project for use on the Internet requires a different approach than a document of a legal nature to be used in a court situation. You need to check out the service provider to make sure the expertise you need is available.

The service provided is the most important element in selecting the right translation service provider but you need to also consider your budget. The least costly of the providers checked may not always provide adequate service. The flip side of that is the most expensive may not provide adequate service either. This is a personal factor, which you must consider.

By doing your homework and utilizing the information available on the Internet, you will be able to find the perfect translation service at the best cost for your project.


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